Current Projects

Hanford's planning staff and Planning Commission regularly review development projects. All of the related review meetings are open to the public, and Hanford's community is invited to participate.

Public comments and suggestions on all of the development projects are critical to achieving the best results for Hanford. Plan on attending one or more of these meetings; learn more about the issues, and let the City hear your thoughts! If you are unable to attend but are interested in the outcome of the meetings, you can get the information in the Planning Commission Minutes, posted on this website.

Major Development Projects & Environmental Impact Reports (EIR)

The City Council and Planning Commission review developmental projects and meetings are open to the public.

The City of Hanford has prepared a Draft Focused Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for Lunaria - Vesting Tentative Tract 938. Comments are invited during the 45-public review period, open from April 12 to May 27. For more information, click here.