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The Kings Industrial Park is a 1,100 acre park that is fully developed and ready for your business. It is zoned for Heavy Industrial, and most sites have only been used for agricultural uses. The industrial park is located two miles south of Highway 198, which connects to Interstate 5 and State Highway 99. The business climate is bright in the City of Hanford. 

Location and Transportation Access:

Located in the Central Valley of California, Hanford lies equidistant from Los Angeles and San Francisco, which places us three hours from two of the largest retail markets in the world. Highway 198 connects these metropolitan areas to Hanford via Interstate 5 and State Highway 99, which are 30 miles to the west and 15 miles to the east, respectively. Highway 41 connects Fresno with Highway 101, and is located 7 miles west of the City.

The City is 12.53 square miles. Major north-south arterials within the City include Highway 43, 10th Avenue, 11th Avenue, and 12th Avenue. Major east-west arterials within the City include Highway 198, Houston Avenue, Hanford-Armona Avenue, Lacey Boulevard and Grangeville Boulevard.

Access to the industrial park is via 10th and 11th Avenues, major arterials that feed to Highway 198. Located two miles north of the site is Highway 198, a four-lane facility that connects to Interstate 5 and State Highway 99. Highway 198 is under construction to bring it to 4 lanes between Lemoore and Visalia. This 1,100 acre development is fully serviced with all infrastructure and utilities in place. Lot sizes range from 3 to 60 acres. The BNSF railroad runs north-south through the park, providing rail service to its users.

Air access for commercial service is provided at both Visalia's Air Terminal which is located 15 miles to the east and at Fresno's Air Terminal that is located 35 miles to the north. Commuter jet service is provided at the recently improved Hanford Airport with its 5200' runway. Air freight companies are largely located in Visalia and Fresno.


The majority of the City is located within the Kings County Enterprise Zone and Recycling Market Development Zone. The enterprise zone offers tax credits and incentives to businesses of all types and sizes operating within the enterprise zone. Some of these include the Hiring Credit which provides a state tax credit for hiring employees meeting certain criteria, the Sales or Use Tax Credit which allows manufacturers to take tax reductions for equipment purchased for use within the enterprise zone, and Business Expense Deduction which allows businesses to take tax deductions for property purchased for use within the enterprise zone. Businesses within the Recycling Market Development Zone qualify for low-interest loans to manufacture new products or undertake projects that reduce waste resulting from the manufacturing of a product. Affordable financing is available in the city. The City of Hanford has a low-interest City Wide Business Loan Program, and Downtown Business Loan Program. Kings County Economic Development Corporation has similar loan programs as well. The city can assist with the many state financing programs available such as Industrial Revenue Bonds. The City of Hanford will fast-track any development in the Enterprise Zone or Redevelopment Area. The Kings Industrial Park is a part of the Hanford Community Redevelopment Area that means that the city can assist new or expanding businesses in the park as well.

Seismic Zone/Fire Class: Hanford is in Seismic Zone 3 and Fire Class 4.


The City has the most modern utilities available for its customers.

  1. Water: The Kings Industrial Park is served by 12" water lines with 65 lbs. of pressure. City of Hanford is served by deep wells located throughout the City. Hanford's Water Confidence Report is available on the City's website on the Public Works page. City of Hanford, 315 N Douty Street, Hanford, CA 93230, Telephone: 559-585-2500.
  2. Waste Water: The Kings Industrial Park is served by 12" sewer lines. City of Hanford, 900 S 10th Avenue, Hanford, CA 93230, Telephone: 559-585-2550, website: City of Hanford Website 
  3. Electricity: The Kings Industrial Park is served by 70 KV line along 11th Avenue and 12 KV lines in the park. In City, North of Houston: Southern California Edison Business: Telephone: 800-990-7798, Southern California Edison website. In Kings Industrial Park: Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Business, Telephone: 800-743-5000, website: Pacific Gas and Electric website.
  4. Gas: The Kings Industrial Park is served by 4 and 6" high pressure gas lines. The Gas Company, Telephone: 800-427-2200, SoCalGas website.
  5. Telephone / Internet Access: AT&T provides telephone services that include ISDN and all other necessary high-technological services. Many cellular and long-distance services are available as well. AT&T, Business, Telephone: 800-750-2355, AT&T website.
  6. Cable Television/Telephone/Internet: Comcast, Telephone: 800-266-2278, Comcast website.


The Kings Industrial Park and the City is served by Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railroad. There is a double track through the park that assists with service. In the industrial park, approximately 10 businesses are served by rail. The City owns several parcels of land available that are adjacent to BN&SF Railroad. BN&SF has 48 trains per day through Hanford. Industrial businesses who require rail should contact BN&SF Railroad early in the process. They will ask for some information about the commodity, anticipated volume, loading/unloading details, timing of development, switching requirements, origin and destination of loads, and service needs. From there costs can be determined.

BN&SF Railroad: Industrial Development: Hector Garcia, Regional Manager, Economic Development, BN&SF, 740 E Carnegie Drive, San Bernardino, CA 92408, Telephone: 909-386-4020, FAX: 909-386-4085, Email Hector Garcia, BNSF Railway website.

Trade Area

Hanford's trade/service area extends past the county limits to Fresno (35 miles north), Visalia (15 miles east) and Bakersfield (80 miles south).

Taxes: The retail sales tax in the City is 8.25%. The property tax for industrial properties is 1.0979%. There is no utility tax. State corporation income taxes are at 9.3% of net income from California sources. There is no business inventory tax in the state.


The City fire station abuts the park at north end.