Volunteer Programs

Volunteer Firefighters

The Hanford Fire Department is a combination of paid and volunteer firefighters, but not in the traditional manner.  Across the country, there is a notable difference in volunteerism, and the Fire Service has felt the shift.  Several years ago, leaders in the HFD re-identified a mechanism to effectively encourage volunteers while providing them tools for future employment.  While our page-out system exists through an app, most of our Volunteer Firefighters work a 24-hour shift and participate in one training event each month.  We have the option to staff up to 20 Volunteer Firefighters but hover around 12-15.  Applications for our Volunteer firefighter positions are always available online. We evaluate our situation quarterly to determine hiring needs.  If you have questions email us and someone will get back to you.  

Firefighter Interns

Hanford Fire Department partners with Fresno City College for their Firefighter Intern Program.  This is a semester course offered by Fresno City College, through their Fire Technology program.  The department provides interns with PPE and training opportunities until the completion of the course.  See the Fresno City College Fire Technology website for more information on their program.  Or you can contact Fire Department Administration via email if you have questions.  

Fire Explorers

Hanford Fire Department partners with the Boy Scouts of America for our Explorer Charter.  The program is for young adults ages 15 - 21.  This program offers the next generation of leaders an opportunity to learn in a team environment while contributing to public safety education, and community service.  Explorers are constantly supervised by advisors and fire personnel.  If you have questions or are interested in the program, contact Fire Department Administration via email.

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