Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment Facility

The City's wastewater treatment facility provides for the treatment and disposal of all residential, commercial, and industrial wastewater generated within the City of Hanford. The sophisticated, multi-million-dollar facility has the capacity to treat 8.0 million gallons per day (mgd). Current flows average 4.5 mgd.

Peak flows to the facility occurred in 2008 when the average flow to the facility was 5.2 mgd. Because of the water conservation efforts of Hanford's residents and businesses, the 2022 daily flow to the plant has been reduced to 4.5 mgd, a 15% decrease. This represents a water savings of more than 255 million gallons per year. The facility is a critical part of the City's effort to keep our environment clean and protect our natural resources.

There have been four treatment plant expansion upgrades; the latest was completed in 2004, which increased treatment capacity from 5.5 to 8.0 mgd. This increase will allow an additional 8,000 new single-family dwellings to be served.

Water recycling facilities allow the City to discharge secondary treated, disinfected effluent to Lakeside Ditch Company for crop irrigation of over 10,000 acres through a reclamation permit issued by the Regional Water Quality Control Board. This reclamation project prevents the pumping of approximately 5,000 acre-feet of groundwater each year.


The City contracts with private laboratories for all required analyses for the City's Wastewater Treatment Plant's self-monitoring reports and the Industrial Pretreatment Program. Process control analysis is performed by treatment plant staff.

Operation Staff

The treatment facility is staffed by six full-time operators. Operators are licensed by the State Water Resources Control Board and are responsible for ensuring that the treatment and disposal of the City's wastewater meet all State discharge requirements. The facility is staffed seven days a week.

Collection Staff

Five full-time collection staff members maintain the City's sewer lift stations and sewer mainlines which convey the sewage to the treatment facility. Staff also perform methodical cleaning of sewer mainlines and laterals to prevent blockages that would otherwise produce sanitary sewer overflows.

Contact Us

The Wastewater Treatment Plant personnel can be contacted at 559-585-2576 during normal business hours. If you would like to schedule a facility tour please contact the plant.